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Criteria for Membership 

  1. Must be recognized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service, have applied for such recognition, or be identified as a church by the I.R.S.
  2. Must be an agency that serves the needy, ill, infants, or elderly through a meals program or emergency box program.
  3. Agencies will not engage in discrimination, in the provision of service, against any person because of race, color, citizenship, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation including gender identity, unfavorable discharge from the military or status as a protected veteran.
  4. Must not require a fee for the meals or food boxes.  The agency/church must not require or solicit donations from clients served.
  5. Must agree not to sell or exchange FSEVA products for money or services nor may the agency use FSEVA items for fundraising purposes.
  6. Must provide transportation to pick up food at FSEVA.
  7. Must have appropriate storage on the agency premises to ensure wholesomeness of the food until used or distributed.
  8. Must maintain a health department approved kitchen if involved in an on-site meal program.
  9. Must report changes in shoppers or contact person(s) in writing on letterhead stationary.
  10. Must maintain stated days and hours of operation and report changes.  Emergency needs will be referred by United Way Helpline and area Social Service Bureaus to Foodbank agencies.  Agencies are expected to respond to appropriate emergency referrals in their service areas.
  11. Must agree to keep Foodbank invoices and product distribution records as required by FSEVA.  Records must be made available upon request.  All FSEVA records must be kept for two years at the agency site.
  12. Must agree to send in required monthly reports by the seventh day of each month.
  13. Must have an agency official verify delivery of each order upon arrival of the product at the agency/church.
  14. Must distribute Foodbank foods in compliance with restrictions noted at Foodbank, i.e., on-site meals.
  15. Must maintain regular payments of agreed shared maintenance (service charge) fees to the Foodbank.  A bill will be sent each month.  If a bill is 60 days past due, the agency may not place orders or “shop” until paid in full.
  16. Must understand that if inactive with the FSEVA for more than one year, membership will be terminated.
  17. Must agree that FSEVA has the right to inspect any agency without prior notification.
  18. Must agree to refrain from engaging in religious activities such as worship, religious instruction and proselytization within the time frame and location of distribution of product.
  19. Must not name food program "Foodbank." This title is the property of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.  Food pantry, food distribution, etc. are all acceptable.










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