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To help organize your Food and Fund Drive, we would like to provide you with some visuals of our supplies - barrels, boxes and totes. This will help you estimate how much food you have collected or plan to collect.


Totes hold between 700-1,000 pounds. One tote full tote will qualify you for a Foodbank pick-up and it comes on a pallet. Please note, we must be able to access the tote with a pallet jack. Pallets are 4'x3 1/2' and the totes 2' to 3' tall.

We offer Foodbank Food Drive posters to help with your drive. You can also download our Toolkit to help you organize a successful drive.

Foodbank boxes will hold around 30 pounds of food and are 16"x12"x12". When you register for your drive, please indicate if you would like boxes. They are eligible for Foodbank pick-up if you successfully fill 17 boxes.

We recommend the use of this size box when you are providing your own boxes for safety reasons. For ease of moving, please do not use overfilled or oversized boxes.

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We work with Partner Agencies to distribute food in our region. Enter your address or zip code to find one closest to you.

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