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Foodbank on the Eastern Shore distributes food to more than 12,000 unduplicated individuals annually.  In addition to operating a Community Thrift Store at our location in Tasley, we give over 2,000 articles of clothing and household items to families in emergency situations.

Volunteers play a vital role in our work, donating their time to help distribute food and clothing to those in need.  We also work closely with Social Services, our local court systems and our local schools to provide work experience and community service options in our communities.

Food Distribution:  We receive donated food from companies, grocery stores, food drive, local farmers and other sources.  The food is distributed through our 17 Partner Agencies, including emergency food pantries, shelters, senior care centers, and our Mobile Pantry Program and BackPack programs.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
Formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, this is the nation's largest food program, available to all families and individuals with gross income below 130% of the federal poverty level.  With that said, only 28% of people who qualify for help actually receive SNAP.  Perhaps they are not aware of the initiative or are apprehensive about requesting government assistance.  We urge individuals and families to take advantage of this program.  It has been created to offer supplemental support for those who are struggling.  For decades, the Food Stamp Program has been providing modest food subsidies for the working poor, the unemployed, single parents, and the disabled.   With even small amounts of SNAP aid, individuals then require less help from the Foodbank, so we can then serve more people.  Every dollar spent on food from SNAP creates $1.84 of economic activity, employing people in agriculture, manufacturing, and retail. 

Community Garden
With assistance from corporate partners and supporters like, Bank of America, Onancock Building Supply, Bundick Well and Pump, Hill Sand and Gravel, Inc., Parksley Livestock Supply, and Thomas Gardens, it is to our excitement to announce the addition of a community garden located at our Eastern Shore Branch.

The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore’s community garden,is an educational tool and a supplemental, healthy food source for the community. Here, Foodbank staff members and volunteers educate community garden visitors through teach-ins and workshop about health, food and hunger issues.

Thrift Store: Our community Thrift Store provides affordable clothing and household items to those in need.

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