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Two very special girls

Nichanna Gholson-Dennis's 7th Birthday Wish:

At the dinner table one night Nichanna refused to eat her broccoli. Her mom said to her “You know there are hungry people in the world”, Nichanna responded “ Yeah, I know in Africa” “No” her mom told her, “ I mean right here in American, right here on the Eastern Shore”, Nichanna’s response to that was to give them her Broccoli.

Two days later, Nichanna declared that for her upcoming Birthday party, she wanted instead of gifts, food to help feed hungry children right here on the Eastern Shore. “No children should be Hungry!” she told her mom. So on the video invitation for her Birthday party she asked her guest to bring food to help the Foodbank feed children on the Eastern Shore instead of presents. That day Nichanna collected 65 pounds of Non-perishable food for the Foodbank which will help them provide almost 54 meals to children, parents and grandparents on the Eastern Shore. 

Karrie Phillips

Karrie Phillips who does a food drive for her birthday every year. This year she carried it thru a craft show and a Bingo night at the Parksley Fire House. Through Food and funds Karrie collected enough for 216 meals and has gotten more than 100 orange squares signed in our community..

Virginia Cooperative Extention

Increasing Fresh Product Availability from Local Sources

Eastern Shore Locavore News

A publication of the Eastern Shore Local Food Project

June 2012 We are honest hardworking people of the Eastern Shore of Virginia who have formed an interest group for the purpose of promoting fresh local food. To use a new term, we are locavores. This newsletter is one of the ways we educate about local food. Food produced within 100 miles is considered local food. In our case it is food from either Accomack or Northampton counties. It can be vegetables or meat and either land or seafood. This month we are featuring the changes at Eastern Shore Branch of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.

They are growing some of the food that they give away and educating their clients on where their food comes from and how they can grow it themselves. Foodbank will be producing some of their own food this summer on their site next to the building in Tasley. They have strong backing from organizations as diverse as the Virginia Tech Research Center in Painter, Bank of America, Americorp Vista, the local Elks club, and Onancock Building Supply. The Elks have enabled Foodbank to give away fresh produce all year through their Elks foundation Impact Grant.

They also helped to get the local food growing started with construction of raised garden beds four feet wide and sixteen feet long. Last year there were five beds growing tomatoes, eggplant, butternut squash, and cucumbers. One of the goals is to educate in the garden through the Kid’s Cafe at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Exmore. Through a grant by Bank of America the infrastructure of the garden has greatly expanded. There is now electricity, a well, three yard-hydrants, a new sprinkler system, and twenty raised bed gardens.

Josh Freeman and others at the VT Research Station donated tomato plants and vegetable seeds to the garden this year. They analyzed soil samples to test ph and prepared the garden soil with the necessary additives.

Friday May 11th was Planting day and children from scouts and little league and elsewhere volunteered to help plant. They were treated to supper of hot dogs and cookies before the work. Americorp Vista personnel Jenny Savage and Elise Springuel helped direct the children and everyone had fun and learned something. The older kids planted tomato plants while the younger ones planted seeds such as beans and squash.

Planting Day at Foodbank
the who, what, when, where, why, and how of local food
meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:15 pm Join us!
for more info call Jeff at 757-999-4426 or 757- 709- 8397

Article by Jeff Poulterer



The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia’s community garden, located at the Eastern Shore branch, is an educational tool and a supplemental, healthy food source for the community. Foodbank staff members and volunteers educate community garden visitors through teach-ins and workshop about health, food and hunger issues.

On May 11th 2012, AmeriCorps VISTA Elise Springuel and Eastern Shore Foodbank staff held a Planting Kick-Off event at the community garden to jumpstart the garden’s development. With the guidance from Foodbank staff, young community volunteers successfully planted seeds and seedlings in 18 of the garden’s raised beds. The seeds and seedlings included tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, peas and beans. Eggplant and melons are scheduled to be planted in the remaining space.

Prior to the Planting Kick-Off, the Virginia Tech Research Center generously donated their time and resources to the Foodbank’s community garden. In addition to donating seeds and seedlings, they conducted soil testing, advised on planting and established an irrigation system.

UPDATE: There are several new additions, including eight new 4’x80’ garden rows designed for vine crops.

Another successful Planting Day has also moved the garden’s development further with the help of several participants. On May 31st, 2012 a group of volunteer Girl Scouts successfully planted additional seeds and seedlings. These included eggplants for the final two raised beds, and cucumbers, cantaloupes, and watermelons for the new garden rows. They also thoroughly weeded the raised garden beds, all of this while having some fun. AmeriCorps VISTA personnel Elise Springuel and Jeni Savage, and the Foodbank’s Children Nutrition Intern, Laura Janosko, supervised the planting. Josh Freeman and others at the Virginia Tech Research Center donated the seeds and seedlings for the planting event.

Throughout the development of the Foodbank’s community garden this year, volunteer project manager, Alan Hall, has open-handedly donated his time and resources for the garden’s progress and expansion. Initially, Alan along with other volunteers from the Elks Lodge in Accomac built the 20 raised beds. Recently, Alan plowed and prepped the rows for the new vine crops.



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