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Come to Our Table...'s easy! Become a part of history!

In an effort to raise awareness about hunger in our community and across the country, the Foodbank is asking you to add your message to an orange square that will symbolize your commitment to ending hunger in our region.

Please add a message to an Awareness Square (a 6" x 6" size with 40 characters or less) - that our volunteers will handcraft for you) or a Sponsor Square --- TODAY!

The squares may not look like a lot, but when assembled they will create a beautiful, orange tablecloth. With your help, we will set a record for the world's largest tablecloth!

Become a part of something bigger than us.

Together we can solve hunger.™

Sponsored Squares are available in the following sizes/prices:

$100 for a 6" x 6" square (5" x 5" picture or logo) **
$500 for a 1' x 1' square (11" x 11" picture or logo) **
$1,000 for a 2' x 2' square (23" x 23" picture or logo) **
$3,000 for a 2' x 3' square (same size picture or logo) *** 
$5,000 for a 2' x 5' square (same size picture or logo) ***

Click below to sign or sponsor a square: 


Awareness Square

Sponsored Square    

Together we can solve hunger™


Find Help.

We work with Partner Agencies to distribute food in our region. Enter your address or zip code to find one closest to you.