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New Distribution Procedures Concerning Meats

Beginning August 3rd, frozen meat in the distribution area will be pre-packed for you and the boxes will be available according to the availability and the number of agencies with appointments on that day. Chicken and turkey products will be boxed together, beef products will be boxed together, and pork/assorted products will be boxed together. All boxes will be labeled. Unusually large pieces of meat and less mainstream items such as tripe, chicken gizzards, etc. will be accessible from the top-loading meat freezer. This change is being made to ensure that appropriate food safety guidelines are being met as well as for the physical safety of staff, volunteers, and agency representatives.

New Food Rescue Procedures

Training for new Food Rescue procedures will be on Tuesday, August 4th from 9am-12pm at the Kroc center located at 1401 Balentine Blvd. Norfolk, VA 23504. If your agency participates in the Food Rescue program, then the contact person is required to attend the training, and the maximum number of people from your agency allowed to attend is three, including the contact person. Please keep in mind that this is a mandatory training for all agencies in the Food Rescue program. You must RSVP with Leonna at 757-314-4573.

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