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Apply for a $20,000 Grant

Potential Funding for your Agency!
Calling all food pantries, soup kitchens and mobile food delivery programs! Apply to be selected to win a $20,000 grant from Walmart.
Are you a food pantry, soup kitchen or food delivery program that would benefit from additional funds to better serve people in your local community? This holiday season, Walmart will provide $1.5 million in support of 75 food pantries* across the country, based on votes by the public through its holiday giving campaign.
The application for Walmart’s holiday giving program is now open and will close on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 11:59 pm EDT. The invitation code is jholiday. Please share this information others that may be in need of these additional funds!  Applications will be reviewed by Walmart. Agencies that are selected by Walmart for voting purposes will be uploaded to Walmart’s website, and those that receive the most votes through various online channels will receive a $20,000 grant to support infrastructure and equipment improvements.
For questions about agency eligibility, the project application or submission process, please send an email directly to Don’t miss your chance to win!
*Walmart’s holiday giving program is open to food pantries, soup kitchens, and mobile food delivery services that serve the public and that are operated by 501(c)(3) charities only. The program is not open to food banks. Please note that program eligibility is not limited to agencies affiliated with Feeding America food banks. This program is not administered by Feeding America.

Click -->HERE<-- and use the invitation code "jholiday".

New Monthly Reports are to Be Used

Please click -->here<-- to download the updated monthly report to use for this fiscal year.

Ordering Procedure Change

We will need three business days to process pick-up orders and six business days to process delivery orders. Previously it was two and five days. We have made this change because over the last six years we have increased our pounds distributed by over 70% and our warehousemen need more time to pull orders.   Shopping appointments may still be made up to the business day before you would like to shop.

A Note About Your Monthly Statement

If you have been noticing some invoices with zero dollars showing up on your monthly statement and were wondering what they are, never fear.  It is most likely that you are in the Grocery Rescue Program and those invoices represent the pounds that you picked up throughout the previous month.  When you send in your Grocery Rescue reports to Leonna, she enters them into a spreadsheet which is downloaded into our inventory system at the end of each month to capture the weight of the product that you have been picking up. If you have any questions regarding unfamiliar invoices on your account, call your Agency Relations representative at 757-627-6599.

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