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***Attention : A New Monthly Report is Coming!***


This is just a heads-up to let you all know that the monthly partner agency report will be changing beginning with the July report that you will be submitting in August.  Only the monthly partner agency report is changing.  The food rescue report will stay the same and so will the USDA report.
There will be additional information required on the monthly report; in addition to new and returning households and individuals, we will be counting the total number of people in the household who visit you every time they visit.
I have emailed a new household distribution form  to everyone on my contacts list for your convenience so you don’t go and print more of the old one.  As we start counting people and households all over again every July, please remove all of your old household distribution forms at the end of June and file them away and start using brand new household distribution forms beginning in July. I will be calling every agency point of contact in the coming weeks to make sure that everyone knows about this change.  If you received my email and you are not the point of contact, please let your point of contact know about the change in reporting requirements.

Again… please start using the new household distribution form beginning July 1.
The only thing different is the spot on the right to count the number of times that household was served for each month. This number will be used in the computation of a total headcount.

More information will follow as it becomes available.
Keep an eye out for the newsletter that comes in the mail with your statement.  Also, newsletters can always be viewed here:
Thank you for all that you continue to do to serve those in need in our communities!

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