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Scam Alert – Please read this important message


It has been brought to our attention that a group calling themselves Feeding America Miracles located in Georgia has been contacting members and agencies both in and outside the network over the last few weeks. They claim to be affiliated with Feeding America and have set up a website with false information. We know of at least 2 cases where an agency paid for a truckload of food that was never received. In these cases the agencies did file a police report. We have been in touch with our legal counsel and will be contacting the Georgia Attorney General to alert them of the situation and determine what our next steps are.


At this time we ask that you communicate this information to your staff and your agencies so that no one else falls victim to this scam and strongly suggest that you contact the local police and provide us with any follow up information. Please direct all inquiries and questions to Stephanie Dragatsis, Vice President, Compliance and Capability at Thank you for your cooporation. 



Best regards,

Matt Knott, President

Call to Action

It’s time to take a stand. Time is running out to pass a child nutrition bill, so we are organizing advocates across the country to turn up the heat on Congress. 

Congress only addresses child nutrition programs once every five years, and we can’t miss this opportunity to improve the programs that help our nation’s kids get the nutritious food they need to thrive. 

It’s time for Congress to get to work. Join us in urging Congress to pass a strong child nutrition bill for our kids! 

Call Congress Today!

Calling Congress is easy. Here's how:

1. Just dial our toll free number, (888) 398-8702 and listen to the pre-recorded message.

2. Connect to your Senator first and enter your zip code.  

3. Once you are connected to your first Senator, state that you are a constituent and give your name and the town you are calling from.

4. Let them know you are calling about Child Nutrition Reauthorization and deliver this important message:

Time is running out to pass a strong child nutrition bill.  Too many kids in our community are not getting the nutritious food they need, and Congress can’t let the opportunity to improve these programs go by. These programs have a history of strong bi-partisan support. I urge you to pass a strong child nutrition bill this year that strengthens the programs so children have the fuel they need to grow up healthy and succeed.

5. Be sure to dial back in so you talk to both of your Senators and your Representative. 

Spread the Word

Help us spread the word by sharing and posting on social media using #CNR2015.  We've also provided some sample tweets to promote the call-in day:

16 million children in the US face hunger. Call Congress today to make sure no child goes hungry. #CNR2015 

Healthy kids = healthy leaders. Tell Congress to strengthen programs that get healthy #nutrition4kids in #CNR2015.

Strengthen federal child nutrition programs with a strong #CNR2015. Call Congress today! 

Together we can solve hunger™


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We work with Partner Agencies to distribute food in our region. Enter your address or zip code to find one closest to you.

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